Stew Wilson

Writer, hacker, game designer, and spy. Okay, maybe not the last one.

I have no idea what I’m going to end up doing with keybase. Possibly something along the lines of “not much”, possibly using it as a dumping ground for some timeless (or not) entries that would otherwise be lost in blog churn like tears in the rain.


A datashadow is the sum of the traces that a person leaves behind in everyday activity. I use the term interchangeably with “presence on the internet”.

My github and twitter presences shouldn’t need explanation, as they’re verified and linked from my profile. I use them for hopefully obvious reasons — screaming into the void and posting code (maybe not in that specific order…).

Beyond that, my datashadow extends to:

Stuff to Keep

The aforementioned list of stuff that I’d like to keep referring to without having to remember a date.

On Being Punched in the Tits by a Lightning Bolt [html][md] — adventures in defibrillation.

God Lay Dying [html][md] — a story about faith.

Virtue Signalling in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure [html][md] — an essay on whether being excellent to each other is all it’s cracked up to be.